This section will provide an overview of the many surgeries and services MVSS provide you, your Loved Pet, and your Veterinarian. Upon our arrival at your Veterinarian’s Hospital, we are intimately involved with your Veterinarian and your Pet’s HealthCare Team in the perioperative patient preparation and oversight. It is important that you know that you and your Pet’s best interests are foremost in our mind and we would like to share the dedication and commitment we have. Review of this section will help you to understand the overall team commitment we have for the best interests of your Pet.

Some Clients have asked if we are only an Orthopedic Surgery Practice. Although the types of surgeries we perform are not inclusive in the list, it provides an overview of the versatility of services Dr. Rick Garcia and Dr. Christine Fabregas offer from many years of surgical experience. Approximately 65% of the volume of surgeries MVSS is referred are Orthopedic related (Bones and Joints) with the balance of referrals consisting of various soft tissue (Abdomen, Thorax, Head and Neck, Urogenital), oncologic, plastic and reconstructive.