Mobile Veterinary Surgical Services performs surgeries Monday through Friday.

CalPhoto_12MVSS does not perform night on call or weekend services.  However, it is not unusual to add on urgent surgeries within a given day. On rare occasion, if Dr. Garcia or Dr. Fabregas cannot accommodate a surgery within an efficient time frame that they feel would be compromising the best interest of the patient, they will advise the Hospital to seek other referral options. Sometimes it is not in the best interest of the patient to rush into surgery, but rather to be stabilized, manage pain, and formulate a proper plan.

A typical day would include three major surgeries including travel time, set up, surgery, reports, reloading equipment, and perhaps a consult scheduled within the day as well. On occasion, four surgeries may be performed. Typically for the first surgery we arrive at the Hospital at 8:00 AM ready to proceed, the second surgery is approximately 11:00 – 11:30 and the third surgery is 2:30 – 3:00. Again, this depends on the type of surgery, the geographical location, and traffic and weather issues. Patients should arrive at the hospital per the instructions given to you by your Veterinarian. It is usually best to have your pet there early to allow for some assimilation, patient preparation with placing intravenous catheters, pre surgical examination, administration of premedication drugs, and other necessary preparatory processes.

Although MVSS performs surgeries at many hospitals, scheduling is often clustered in certain geographical regions on a given day for efficiency.  MVSS strives to accommodate the needs of the Hospital while respecting their schedules as well as the wishes of the client.