Dr. Garcia works closely with Board Certified Oncologists and has surgical expertise in the removal of a variety of cancers (malignant and benign) involving different regions of the body. It is very important that proper principals are followed when performing cancer surgery. This section is not intended to cover all cancer problems, but rather to discuss certain principals involving proper biopsy and surgical removal principals. Dr. Garcia has experience with plastic and reconstructive surgery required at times to close large wounds and defects created as a result of proper and sometimes extensive surgical removal of cancer on the skin of extremities and those involving the head and neck and oral cavities.  Additionally, intra-abdominal surgeries involving cancers of the liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas, intestine, and bladder to name a few are commonly performed. Other areas include cancers in the thorax and on the chest wall. It is important to consult with an oncologist for further adjunct therapy for your patient including chemotherapy and or radiation therapy if it is indicated.