Mobile Veterinary Surgical Services is a mobile veterinary surgery practice led by Dr. Rick Garcia B.S., B.V.Sc.,  M.R.C.V.S. (Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Dr. Rick Garcia

Dr. Rick Garcia has been providing mobile veterinary surgical services through relief work and his private practice for 15+years in the greater Los Angeles area since 2002.  Prior to that I worked for three years in a private practice with great mentorship and support which allowed me to expand my knowledge of veterinary surgery.  Although I am not board certified, I spent time learning many of my surgical skills and procedures through one on one training with boarded surgeons in Southern California.  I have also completed a number of advanced procedure wet-labs and seminars learning new skills and procedures including Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (T.P.L.O), Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (T.T.A.) and Advanced Locking Plate System (KYON ALPS).

Our practice is equipped with state of the art surgical equipment and supplies that we bring to your veterinarian’s hospital when we come to operate on your patient. We also have the option to utilize our mobile veterinary surgery hospital which has an operating suite, extensive anesthetic monitoring equipment and  digital radiology.  Our surgical technicians, Stormie Smith, Heather Broderick, Lizette Barajas and Jaime Renteria, who are  experienced veterinary surgical assistants, do the patient preparation and monitoring. We utilize advanced anesthetic monitoring equipment, patient warming devices, and return patient care to your doctor’s staff upon completion of the procedure. Written post-operative instructions  are then provided before we leave the hospital. I am a veterinarian with a “special interest” in surgery and if you want and can afford a board certified surgeon, there are two facilities in the San Fernando Valley area to choose from V.S.V. and A.C.C.E.S.S.  I do not represent myself as a surgical “specialist”, but as someone who has advanced training and is competent, experienced and confident at performing a wide array of veterinary surgical procedures that are out of the comfort zone of many general veterinary practitioners.  We keep up to date with the advancement of new surgical procedures and techniques through continuing educational wet labs and seminars.

Please feel free have your veterinarian contact me to discuss any surgical procedure your pet may need. You may also email me directly, but your veterinarian must call to schedule any procedure.


Specialized Surgical Services

CalPhoto_12MVSS serves as an extension of the primary veterinarian’s practice by offering specialized surgical services in an environment that is familiar to you and your pet.  By choosing MVSS, the referring veterinarian has placed confidence in Dr. Rick Garcia and his team that the pet will receive expert and compassionate surgical care.  Dr. Garcia and his veterinary assistant team provide all of their own surgical equipment and supplies to insure optimal quality control.  A technician is assigned to the monitoring of the anesthetized pet while the other technician provides hands-on surgical assistance to the surgeon.  This trained team approach establishes a consistent, high standard of care for the surgical patient and allows for operating room efficiency which minimizes anesthesia time and reduces the inherent risks associated with anesthesia and surgery.


Dr. Rick Garcia has many years of experience performing surgeries in private practice where they established protocols for the surgical care of complicated cases including post-operative care guidelines. They understand the challenges seen with choices that must be made every day with families and their pets.  This level of experience allows them to assist your veterinarian in making the best decision for you, your family, and your beloved pet.


MVSS has compiled a library of topics that provide details about the various conditions.  Reviewing the topic relevant to your pet prior to surgery will provide insight into the nature of the problem, anticipated surgical plan and appropriate aftercare. Once surgery is completed and your pet is recovered from anesthesia, MVSS will provide a detailed description of the surgical report, recorded vital signs during anesthesia, and comprehensive post-operative instructions.

MVSS is committed to providing the highest standard of surgical care.  Dr. Rick Garcia and his team truly want the best for your pet!